Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Spa day

How frustrating is it when you wrote a whole post out and then it gets deleted??? Especially when it is nearing the end of naptime!

For Mother's Day Dave had given me a gift certificate to bliss spa in Boston. I finally found some time on Tuesday to go. Dave and Elinor dropped me off and went on an adventure to Boston common/public garden.

I can't say enough great things about bliss. From checking in to checking out it was so relaxing and everyone was so friendly. I wish it was in our budget to go more often but I guess I will have to just wait until next Mother's Day....hint hint...if there is one in Philly that is.

When I was finished I walked over to meet Dave and Elinor at the playground. Dave was so sweet and had waited for me to get back so i could see Elinor on her first carousel ride.

I knew there was a picture of my dad on this bridge from when he was right around Elinor's age. I had to take one of her to put them next to each other.

It started raining right after this and they closed down the swan boats. I was bummed but it was a perfect day and I hope to go again soon!

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  1. How did she like her first carousel ride?! Ethan wasn't so sure his first time, but now we have to ride at least three times. Oy.

    1. I really thought she would freak out but she smiled so big the whole time. Everytime they passed me she yelled "hi mama!"
      Now that she knows what it is I'm expecting fits if she doesn't get to go!