Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mighty mike

Friday I found out about a breastfeeding week family fun day near us. It was going to be on Saturday with all kinds of fun things to do. I was so excited to go and even texted Dave while he was at practice on Friday night to tell him about it.
Saturday morning it was pouring. I looked up the site and on top it said the event was being rescheduled for Sunday. We had plans for Sunday so we wouldn't be able to make it.

Dave has been really wanting to go to the aquarium to see mighty mike, the 14 ft 800lbs alligator at the adventure aquarium. Off we went.

It was perfect for a rainy day. Elinor had way more fun than she did the first time we went there. At the sting ray touch tank there is a little area for Elinor's size. I've never seen that at any aquarium before. She wasn't into trying to touch them but she did try. There are so many touch tanks through out the whole place. Her favorite was the starfish.

My favorite part was the hippos. I love those guys. This time they were cuddled together right out of the water and next to the glass. The only downfall was the food. Why every lunch room in every aquarium and museum they have the worst food. And of course barely anything we can eat. I packed lunch for Elinor, so Dave and I just snacked on things she didn't eat.

As we were leaving there was a huge line to get in. Good thing we were up and ready to go early.

What's your favorite at the aquarium?

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  1. You are the coolest family!!! Ellie is so lucky she has parents who bring her to all this fun places. Love the photos, make me smile and laugh.