Friday, January 17, 2014

I like food

I used to post our weekly "I like food" meals awhile ago. Since it's a new year and we are trying to eat better/plan meal better, I decided to bring it back.

We made some delicious meals this week and I was surprised how well Elinor ate all of them. She eats healthy but a meal of what Dave calls "hippy food", I wasn't sure.

chocolate chip scones because after a day of dealing with a 2 year old, you need chocolate
potato chowder from profound hatred of meat So creamy and chunky with no animals harmed
whole wheat chocolate cake donuts from Bran Appetit. I thought the cake donut alone wasn't good and they were ruined but with the frosting, I couldn't stop eating them. 
deconstructed salad. I found something like this salad on another blog but I was told it's from Oh She Glows. I don't read that blog but I really need to start. We added a ginger miso dressing to the salad. It reminded me of a bowl from Life Alive in Boston. I miss that place so much!
 cheesy coconut sauteed chickpeas and kale from Fannetastic Food. I almost didn't make it because we were eating dinner really late anyway. I'm glad I did because it was so simple and fast. 
 cheesy kale chips. We soaked the cashews for over a hour. Then blended them with Nutritional yeast, lemon juice, water to thin it out, 
 So my friend made these tofu popcorn chick'n and said they were the best ever. I really wanted to try making them but for some reason glancing over the recipe, I thought it looked too involved. By dinner time I'm not up for long meal preps. But I really wanted to see if they were that good and they are! Elinor probably ate more than us. I would rather her eat these ones than the prepackaged frozen ones. 
and finally a vegan zucchini bread that worked! We have tried to make ones in the past but they are always dense of not cooked. This picture doesn't do it justice. The other loaf is a lot bigger and looks like it should but I already sent him to the freezer so we don't eat two loaves in a night. 

There was another meal but Dave deleted the picture from his phone. I know we will make it again so I will save the link for then. Tonight is pizza night! 

What are you eating?


  1. The deconstructed salad looks like something my kids would like! They love avocados and chickpeas!

  2. Looking through all of these made me so hungry. I thought the same thing about the donuts. The batter was salty, but with the icing it was perfect! I will definitely be making them again.

  3. nothing wrong with 2 loaves of bread in a night. it's gotta be better than candy or chips LOL

  4. I tend to bake at the end of a long day too... Glad I'm not alone :)