Monday, February 10, 2014

Adventures of Elinor and Daddy

and a little about my weekend...
She is very picky about what she wears now. I don't even try to suggest anything but she tried to wear a summer romper that she found in the box under her bed. I told her she needs something else. She said "I know! A shirt under it!". She is a smart kid. 

Last night we got stuck at Dave's moms house. I went to teacher training and Dave met me for the actual yoga class. By the time we came out, it was snowing. And not just the one inch that they said. The roads hadn't been touched and we had a slow ride back to his mom's house.
By later that night, the roads probably would have been ok to head home but everyone was too tired. How great is it to live near family?!

 Another choice outfit at Mum's house. Her 1st birthday dress that still fits. Dave sent me this picture of her long pony. Then I realized it was the first time he did her hair!

I slipped on ice and pulled my back out pretty bad last week. I'm pretty sure I do this once a year. I took it easy through my classes and it felt a lot better. All the heat from the room and stretching really helps.

A sleepy Elinor with cousin Michael.

This weekend Dave and Elinor just hung out at his moms again. Dave has a lot of stuff still there that he is starting to go through and getting ready to sell. Elinor also cried for her cousin Michael all weekend. She was excited to go over Mums but also whined for Michael. Dave let his brother know and they met up with them on Saturday. Sunday when I asked her if she was going to Mum's house, she said "yea! and see Michael!". She is too funny.

Before I fell and hurt my back. Trying out crow pose with Elinor going for the ride. I was afraid to lean forward anymore with her not holding on tight enough. 

I hope my back doesn't go out again. I can feel it still isn't 100% but I'm taking it easy and trying not to lift Elinor. My favorite snow boots got lost in the move so I'm blaming that on my fall (I was wearing rain boots when it happened). I should start looking for discounted snow boots, if I can find any.

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  1. It amazes me you can do crow's pose with your daughter on your head!

  2. Oh no about your back! This winter has been brutal. I have to say, my investment in good boots and a jacket has paid off-- times about a million. They also have 'tracks' you can attach to sneakers for walking on ice. My family is from New England so my parents have invested in those!

    1. I was going to buy those tracks a few years ago living in Boston! Life never slows down there in the snow

  3. I am sorry to read about your back. I am so done with the ice and snow too... yoga and stretching is definitely great...

    1. This is the fastest my back has felt better. Normally I stop all activity. I need to remember stretching and movement is good

  4. Oh I hope your back feels better! I am sure the yoga is really helping and it sounds like you are being really smart about it! P.S. I LOVE the pic of Elinor on you!