Thursday, February 13, 2014

"oh no! He's stuck"

Yep, another snow picture. Another snow day. We made pancakes this morning and played/read books/facetimed with my parents until nap time. I think Elinor might be a little sick lately. She isn't quite acting like herself. There is no fever or symptoms I see. She will pop out of it every once in awhile though.
 This is her door to Elsa. She complete decided this on her own. She sings and acts out the whole video to Do you want to build a snowman? Including singing through the key hole and slumping herself in front of the door with a pout. Every time we try to get it on video she runs away.
Whatever we are watching, reading or even talking about, she has to wear the costume that goes with it. Before nap she wanted to read Ladybug Girl Before starting it she jumped down and came back with her Ladybug Wings.

Between flashcards, books, toys, etc, I've been working really hard on remembering the flow we were taught in class. I've been writing and rewriting each pose with cues next to them. I hope that helps sticking them in my head. I force teach Dave every night to practice. It seems like a lot of my friends have been posting pictures and updates about practicing yoga. I wish some of you lived closer so I could practice teaching on you guys! Any local friends want to volunteer?

How is your snowy or just normal day going?

ALSO! Happy Anniversary to my parents today!


  1. Lot of snow when it is up to the snowman's twig arms

    1. He ended up losing his eyes and nose too. So sad!

  2. Love the costumes. I miss those days!

  3. Replies
    1. we need one nice day to be outside and not freeze. I will feel a lot better

  4. You can teach me gentle yogas

  5. lots of snow here too. not the fun play outside in it though with all the mud underneath it BOO