Thursday, May 15, 2014

"my kids!"

Yesterday we were so lazy. Elinor had her dance class in the morning but after that we sat around at home doing nothing. No yoga, very little cleaning and watching movies. I felt a little off and Elinor seemed super tired. I hope we aren't all coming down with something. It seems like everyone we know is sick. Today she still seems tired but I feel better. I think I might have to throw her in the ergo like when she was a baby so she can get some rest. She still naps like a champ in there.

I kind of think I was off yesterday because of how we have been eating. Lots of sweets. Last night we made a healthy bowl like our favorite spot in Boston, Life Alive. Rice, kale, corn, tofu, avocado, miso dressing and nutritional yeast. So easy to make! I think tonight I'm going to make Pho. I hope our garden starts growing fast so we can add all those veggies to our meals.

This afternoon our friends are coming over. Elinor and I have some fun projects to do with them. I miss having little friends to hang with everyday. Elinor loves kids so much and always wants to walk down the street looking for her friends "I need my kids!". I think I need to find some more playgroups for her.

Any Philly friends have any ideas?


  1. I am so thankful for playgroups for my kids. They do need other kids. Mom can be so boring after a while :)

  2. I love how you got back to healthy eating as soon as you discovered the culprit! Although we have lots of evenings of sitting doing nothing, but usually that's after a jam packed day!

  3. What kind of projects did you do?! :)

  4. Playgroups meant so much to us when my older two were little. It was how I got through the day sometimes. Hope that healthy eating gets you feeling right back on track!