Wednesday, May 7, 2014

This kid of mine

I'm sitting alone...on a Wednesday morning! Dave just took Elinor to dance class and instead of doing the dishes that some how piled up overnight I'm sitting her on my computer and watching shows I've missed.
Elinor has been so hilarious and awesome lately. Except for the those moments when she thinks it's funny to run away from us. Her vocabulary has really taken off. She even has corrected some of her cute words that she couldn't pronounce. I hate it! The other day we walked into the mall and she insisted on a bagel (which she always does and I have no idea why). I asked why she keeps getting it in her head that she gets a bagel at the mall. She told me "no not in my head, in my mouth". She is a smart little one.
Between writing this, I booked an appointment for a haircut. How awesome you can do that online but I was rushing to finish everything and booked it for tomorrow instead of today ugh! I guess I will just fit it in tomorrow instead. We are getting family pictures taken on Friday. We have only taken our own, so it's exciting!
I guess it's time to move on to those dishes.


  1. She is absolutely adorable. In her mouth - of course!!

  2. She is the sweetest!! Love seeing those smiling faces.. made me smile too!

  3. Oh my gosh could she be cuter! She's a perfect little model!

  4. It was fun to enjoy your break with you and to spend some time looking at your little cutie pie.

  5. She is growing up so fast!