Friday, June 13, 2014

I like food

I haven't done one of these in awhile. I love to find out about new places and new recipes. We aren't the best at writing down our own recipes but we are really good at eating.

Coming home from Long Island a few weeks ago we stopped in Brooklyn at Champs. We have never been there for some reason. It was a wait to get in on memorial day morning but totally worth it! Cold brew coffee, "chicken" and waffles, tofu omelettes and even cheese sticks!! We didn't get any treats because we went to get donuts after at DunWell Donuts. I some how didn't get a picture of them because we inhaled them so fast.
Last Friday was National Donut day! Good thing Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting had us covered! We had glazed, caramel cream w chocolate n pretzels, vanilla filled, and berries n cream. They make donuts every weekend and we have been making a trip every friday. We need to probably chill out on that a little. 
The roof of Plymouth Meeting Whole foods is a taco truck. The vegan tacos taste different than last year but for the better. Last time they were too spicy and not much to them. Now they are full of potatoes, seitan, peppers and onions with vegan cheese on top. So good!!
A lot of our veggies were so close to going bad. We threw it all on the grill and made a grilled salad with homemade ranch dressing. We baked the potato on the grill too and threw some Daiya cheese on top.
Overnight oats. I could eat this all day. My friend sent me an awesome site The Oatmeal Artist. You guys, the banana cream pie oats!! 
Lettuce Wraps from The Vegan Stoner. We have been in a rush to make dinner lately. This recipes are super fast and we usually have all the ingredients laying around.

This weekend is Philly's first vegfest. We loved the one in Boston and went every year. There were always tons of samples, coupons and demos. Come out this Saturday from 11-4 at The Shambles in Headhouse Sq (2nd and Pine). We will be there!


  1. I really want to try and make it to the vegfest especially since it is the first one EVER in Philly. :-) Yummy foods Caitlin.

  2. I had NO idea about vegfest! Thanks for letting me know!

  3. I love food too and after reading this I want donuts and tacos.

  4. All of that food looks amazing. And being from Long Island, I hope you got to have some amazing food there too!