Thursday, July 3, 2014

fairy and wizard festival

 Last Sunday we went with Mum (Dave's mom) to Tyler Arboretum for their Fairy and Wizard Festival. It was just as magical as it sounds. Little kids in fairy wings, costumes, wizard hats, and wands. There were crafts, music and of course everything to see at the arboretum. We haven't been since Elinor was tiny. I don't think she was even walking yet. She loved running around and finding new tree houses or other activities to do. She made so many little fairy friends. It was so cute to see her go up to them and with barely saying anything, they would be holding hands and running away.
Looking for fairies in their houses.
 She found a fairy hanging from a tree!
 This must be where the princess fairies live
We thought she would like to act out the troll from Dora but she was too nervous and thought a real troll was going to pop out.
 This tree has bells attached to branches way up high. There is rope the kids can pull to ring the bells.
 Surprise! The pink frog was her favorite. There were a group of kids at this one and of course no one at the others.
 We convinced her to try out the green one too.
 There weren't too many butterflies in the butterfly house. Elinor was interested in this super pink bench anyway.
 She made a mushroom out of a paperbag and danced with the other fairies
I love this one

We haven't ventured too much on the trails but I love that Tyler Arboretum has so much for the kids. I'm sure we haven't even seen everything there. It's such a pretty setting and I love going there.


  1. I can barley stand the cuteness!! Oh and here's a secret - I totally believe in faeries! Hope you checked those adorable houses real good ;) !

  2. This place looks beautiful! My kids would have loved this!

  3. This place looks awesome. The pink frog picture is so cute!

  4. How cute is this? I have mapped this place but never made the trip - will ad it to the list of must-dos!

  5. Adorable! I went once when my daughter was young and loved it. Sounds like we need to make another trip out there as a family!

  6. Love this...especially the picture of her in front of the troll house. What great memories!