Monday, July 7, 2014

Groovin' and Grubbin'

 We were given free admission to the museum and free food from any food trucks. My opinions are my own.
Last Wednesday we were invited to check out Garden State Discovery Museum's Groovin' and Grubbin'. On every Wednesday in July the museum will have food trucks, a bounce house and family friendly music in their parking lot. The best part is that admission to the museum every Monday-Thursday after 5pm is only $5 and it stays open till 830!
We have never been to the Garden State Discovery Museum before. I knew it was small but they did such a great job breaking up their rooms and spaces for the kids. I actually liked it better than a lot of the bigger children's museums. We got there right at 5. Walking up we heard music from Frozen and Elinor was already so excited about where we were going. There was a stage for the band to play later and hay for everyone to sit on. The whole front lot was lined with food trucks with tables and chairs in between them. The bounce house was brought in by The Little Gym and the people working were super friendly with the kids.
We ended up making our rounds of the museum first and then came out for dinner. I didn't think there would be anything for us to eat there but the Surf and Turf truck actually had a tofu sandwich. We had to order it without the garlic aioli so it would be vegan. I asked the cupcake truck if anything was dairy free but nope. I didn't get to ask the donut truck because the line was way too long just to ask. I heard everyone talking about how good the donuts were though.
After eating and watching the band for awhile, we went back inside for one more run around. It was such a perfect set up and schedule. Elinor fell asleep on the way home which made it a perfect night!
Don't forget this Wednesday to check out Groovin' and Grubbin' at the Garden State Discovery Museum from 5-8pm. We loved it and hope to make it back one of these Wednesdays.


  1. This looks like a blast. I know my daughter loved her visit. My son will lose it when I take him!

  2. This sounds like so much fun!

  3. What a fun place! And your daughter is just too cute!

  4. That looks like a blast for younger kids!!!