Friday, September 5, 2014

I like food

Since I took off I like food last week, I have extra pictures this week. Dave has been having to make dinner way more on nights I work. He is a better cook than me anyway but he isn't as creative with food. When we are getting low on food he says we have nothing in to make dinner. I can always pull a few more meals out of what we have. 
 This was one of the nights we were low on food but he made it work all on his own while I was working. Pasta with "meatballs" and tomatoes from our garden. 
 We had leftover "sausage" from when we made biscuits and gravy. I made it with tofu, asparagus, tomatoes and kale for a big scramble. Elinor is weird about her food being together but it was so good she ate everything. 
 In Cincinnati we went to Melt. We always have to go here when we are in town. It is super good and also there aren't many spots with vegan options around. I wanted a vegan grilled cheese for Elinor but their vegan cheese was a spread and wouldn't work. They offered to make her a tofu sandwich with the cheese spread and veggies. She ate half the sandwich and almost all the tofu out of it. I didn't get a chance to try it because I was eating this...
 a veggie 3-way with spaghetti. so good. I ate the entire thing and felt so sick after. I just couldn't stop eating it because it tasted that amazing.
 My brother had a grill out for everyone. They had a bunch of avocados left over so My sister in law and I made chocolate pudding. I couldn't find a recipe with everything they had so we just threw some stuff together and it was so good, especially with strawberries. I can't exactly remember what I added, I will have to make it again and write it down. I think it was just avocados, cocoa powder, vanilla extract and maple syrup. 
 Some of my favorite pizzas in Cincinnati is Dewey's. My mom and I would go to yoga and then straight to get a pizza. Makes sense right? Working out just to make room for the pizza. We picked up a couple of pizzas and went to my other brothers house. My sister and I split this veggie one. Their sauce and dough is so good you don't even need cheese!
 On our last night, my friend made us this amazing veggie dish. Even her roasted cauliflower was the best I've ever had. I keep telling her she needs to open a restaurant or food truck.
 She even made us homemade almond milk for our coffee
 oh and homemade coconut milk yogurt! We want to make our own but somehow they have the dairy free probiotics at the ohio whole foods but the one here. Once we get it, I will post about the process.
 Back at home, we really needed to detox from our bad habits while traveling. So much junkfood that I didn't post about in hopes to look healthy. I made this big veggie and rice bowl with tahini dressing. Just what we needed. Elinor even ate everything! deconstructed of course.
with the leftover tofu from the veggie bowl, I made a burrito. Mushrooms, avocados, carrots, tomatoes and scrambled tofu with black salt and nutritional yeast. The sauce onto is sriracha and follow your heart vegenaise.
 Getting to the end of their lives, I threw bunch of veggies in a pot with pho soup base (I didn't have vegetable broth). I wasn't sure how it would come out with the pho soup. It actually just tasted like a loaded veggie pho so I added some rice noodles and sriracha. I will make this again.
 I used one sweet potato for the soup and had one left. I searched vegan sweet potato recipes and found this one from Lunch Box Bunch, sweet potato veggie burgers. We didn't have cannellini beans so I subbed chickpeas. I think they came out great. I thought they would super squishy when you bit into the burger but they actually held form.
Another meal Dave made. Veggie stir fry with gardein chicken. We liked it a lot but he had added ginger to the sauce and Elinor said it was too spicy. 

We need to keep a bunch of veggies in stock so I can just live off of veggie bowls. They goddess dressing from Trader Joes is so delicious and easy if you don't feel like making your own.


  1. Such delicious dishes, especially the pho! Looks like you had a tasty summer!

  2. Everything looks delish. I wish so bad that I could enjoy chocolate avocado pudding. Avocados upset my tummy.

  3. That looks like an amazing spread. I love Trader Joe's!