Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rhythm Babies

Last week we attended a free a Rhythm Babies class to review. I have been to other class like this when I was a nanny and I was super excited to see how this one was.

The class was being held at My Fabulous Mama, a super cute boutique on south st. They offer a variety of classes and services including the rhythm babies class run by Julie.

Elinor had just woke up when we got to class. She was a little shy at first but Julie was so sweet that Elinor warmed up pretty quickly. She never pushed Elinor to join in if she didn't want. They got to experience a couple of different instruments like a drum, maracas, and sticks. They would sing a variety of songs we knew and some new to us ones. Even a couple of free for all songs when the kids could rock out with their instruments or dance.

Besides introducing instruments, Julie brought out bubbles, a parachute, and even read a book. I don't know how she squeezed so much into a hour class without it feeling rushed. My favorite part was when she passed out animal finger puppets to each kid. She then sang a farm song saying each animal in Spanish. It was cool how quick they would pick up on the Spanish words.

Join in on a Rhythm Babies class at Fabulous Mama! Only $10 to drop in or $70 for an 8 week session.


Thank you My Fabulous Mama, Rhythm Babies and Paige from Spit That Out for a super fun class!




  1. Thanks for the great review Caitlin. And thank you for joining me in class!

  2. My baby would love this. He loves music and rhythm.

  3. Looks like such a great class! Those bubbles look like they were a hit!

  4. Julia would have loved this. I wish these events were a bit closer (or i lived closer to PHL lol).

  5. What a fun place. I sure wish I had a little person to take. My babies are so big now...I miss little people. Savor the moments.