Monday, April 12, 2010

Yesterday morning we couldn't decide what to eat so we just went with a buffet of random breakfast items we had around the house. Bagels, yogurt w granola and strawberries, panda puff cereal and coffee

Dave hung some whaling pictures he framed in the living room too. Those 3 and 1 on the wall across. We are still wanting a ships wheel for above the fireplace.

Since the tide was so low we went exploring on some rocks but then felt bad because we kept stepping on little snails.

H&M dress and tights

This one came out blurry but I think it's so cute.

I dropped him off this morning before work. He said they have wifi in the airport so hopefully I can talk to him as soon as he lands.

ps Download this MMX: The Deathwish/Malfunction/Six Feet Under
Spring Sampler


  1. Where is David?!!! I didn't know he was leaving again. :(

    Dave, you left me alone too long.

  2. He went to Japan for "a week" but really it's till the 22nd