Friday, May 21, 2010


My body hates me. I've been having such bad headaches, random cramps, back pains, and my eyes keep swelling all on and off all week. I have such a hard time making myself get to the doctor. Maybe if I write about it I will think about actually calling and making an appointment.

With everything hurting yesterday we still had fun and walked around our little town. There is a new cafe called Coven that hasn't actually opened yet but they call it their "soft opening". There is a little market in front with a lot of natural and vegan things (tofutti cream cheese, pasta, dried fruit, weird local soda). There was also a cereal bar!
Picture from their Facebook

Then a bakery case with right now only a couple of options of different cookies and cakes. They have salads and real food but I didn't have a chance to check it out. There were plenty of couches and tables to hangout at. Also TVs playing old cartoons at the time and a huge shelf of board games books and comics. It's really a cool place. I just hope that they make some vegan baked goods so I can enjoy something besides just the coffee and cereal (they do have soy milk there).

Our littlest best friend spent the night Thursday. When we went to Coven she got a chocolate chip cookie and said it was great!


  1. What fun pictures! That cafe looks amazing. And that little best friend of yours looks adorable!!!