Sunday, May 23, 2010

not watching lost

Saturday we ran some errands and then went to babysit Dave's cousin. She is 2 and adorable. We went to the playground, had a tea party and played with legos.

Shirt-Fred Perry (sample sale Dave got me)
Today we went to the mall so I could return some stuff and Dave was looking for a belt. At Williams Sonoma we saw these
I'm pretty sure we need them.

We have been trying to fix up our loft/office since we moved in. Friday after work we bought a new book shelf from Ikea and today Dave got a huge shelf for his records. So it's finally coming along (7months later).


We just finished dinner (fake buffalo wings, broccoli, rice and peppers). Earlier I made dough to make doughnuts! I'm waiting for it to rise now. Maybe I can get in a workout before they are ready to make so I can eat one before bed. Probably not though.


  1. that yellow shirt looks awesome on you!!!

  2. I love the sailor dress on you, so cute!

  3. Thanks! I didn't think yellow would look right on me but I like it! I've been trying to find a cute sailor dress for awhile. I was so excited to find it!