Tuesday, June 1, 2010

vegan pecan-crusted french toast

It was so smokey when I woke up Yesterday morning and smelled like burning wood. Dave looked up what was going on and turns out it's from forest fires in Quebec. All day it was so hazy and there was an air quality alert. Last night it rained and washed away most of the haze.
After we figured out everything was ok I made these guys. They were so good and easy to make. I ate one and was so full but they were so good I couldn't stop.

And I got to hangout with Lynn. We ended up going to another outlet mall in Maine. It was very odd. There were different sections of shopping centers across and down the street. You had to drive and zigzag your way to each one. I wasn't planning on getting anything but I found some new sunglasses, a belt and a back massager from Brookstone. On the way home we stopped at PF Chang's. I ate way too much but it was so good.Kind of blurry and really windy
I don't remember where that dress is from but the sweatshirt is from forever 21

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