Saturday, July 10, 2010

beach day

A couple days ago we made some pasta. Dave wanted to try and make a creamy sauce and since we still had the tofutti sour cream left he added some to our pasta sauce. WOW! it was sooo good! We even got to use some fresh basil that we have been growing

Yesterday we went to the beach. It was such a perfect day and we went pretty early so it wasn't crowded.
We also brought our little friend. Dave helping her build a seaweed/sand castle

Waiting for the waves to come get our feet.

Now I'm doing laundry and planning on cleaning the rest of the day. We have friends staying with us for a couple days and they get in tomorrow.  I guess it's a perfect day to stay in and clean since it's supposed to rain all day. Maybe I will bake too. Having guests is a good excuse to make some cookies or cupcakes right??

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