Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Monday in the woods

Yesterday was soooo frustrating but before I get into it I will tell everyone about Monday...
We were both off Monday so we decided to find these trails near us. Plus with eating so many cupcakes we kind of needed it. The trail was 2.3 miles I think. It was so pretty and nice and cool in the woods.
Tank top-Gift from Dave a long time ago
Shorts-Miley Cyrus & Max Azria (Walmart $5)

So I lie yesterday wasn't the worst. It was great (besides the unbearable heat) until I got off work.
I go to get on the train and they announce there are delays up to 20 mins. I only have 45 min to get to a different train that takes me home. I wait a little and people are complaining that they have already been waiting forever. I decide to try to take a bus there. I get to the stop and wait and I notice traffic is not moving. By that time even if a bus comes I'm not making it there by 6:45. Right then Dave calls and says he is on his way to get me and to go somewhere with air. Which rules but we live at least 45 mins away and with traffic it sometimes can be over 2 hours. I start walking to the library and my eyes start to itch. Great they are going to start swelling any second. I get to the library, hang out, get more water and Dave gets there way faster then I thought he would but he has bad news. Our central air is done. They have no idea what is wrong and they don't know when it will be fixed. We went to Home Depot to maybe price some window units (we had 2 but after moving to this place got rid of them). 1st Home Depot-sold out next one-sold out Best Buy had 6 of 2 different kinds. Target was next door so we ran in to see what they had but nope nothing. Came back to Best Buy and they were down to 3. We grabbed one and on the way out I noticed there was only 1 left. EVERYONE must have waited till we got this heat wave. Oh and by this point my eyes are almost shut from swelling and I'm looking like an idiot with my sunglasses on inside when the sun is going down. When we get home Dave has to run to the store for me again because my allergy eye drops are missing :( I felt so bad he had to do so much for me. I know he would never think twice about it and I'm so grateful. He also put the window unit in when he got back. He is the best!
Finally we are cool in the house and my swelling is almost gone.
and I owe Dave big!

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  1. i hate allergy eyes! the pollen is coming back again hard and the heat wave is so miserable