Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th

July 4th was super laid back for us. They were setting off fireworks right outside our house. We hung around the house for awhile, took a little walk and then went to the roof to watch. It was so hot out I'm glad that we could just come in and chill after walking around and getting some birch beer.

Me and a witch!
Dress-target(from a couple yrs ago)
In front of the house of seven gables

After our walk I started to make some cupcakes in the mini cupcake maker my mom got me. The original idea was to try and put vegan marshmallows in the middle. This is what happened...
At least it came off easy. Next plan was to put a marshmallow in the middle of 2 cupcake with PB frosting (that Dave made and frosted!) on top.
Then to the roof to get ready for the fireworks and dance to some music while we waited.
We could see the fireworks from different towns all around us too!
here is how close we were


  1. Great pictures. I enjoy your blog and getting to share what you and Dave are doing. Love you both. Pepper (Mom)

  2. the cupcakes look good with the marshmallow in the middle. and i seriously said AWW out loud when you said you guys danced before the fireworks