Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sound & Fury

This weekend we went to Sound & Fury Fest in Santa Barbara CA. We were running a table there for Dave's label. It was a lot of fun but of course some things went wrong.
We had left Thursday, met up with a couple friends, went out to eat and headed to the hotel to put together records and get everything ready for the next day. Friday morning I woke up feeling awful and it only got worse. I kept trying to pretend I was fine and went to the fest to set up. We were there for about 2 hours before doors had even opened when I couldn't handle it anymore. Dave drove me back to the hotel got me ginger ale and medicine and put me to bed. 6 hours later I wake up completely fine. He came back to get but I had missed almost the whole 1st day. I also failed to get any pictures at all Thursday or Friday.
Saturday morning I was feeling great! I went to get my phone that had been charging and it was dead. I took the battery out and tried everything but none of the buttons would work at all. We ran to Tmobile before we went to the venue. I have insurance on my phone which is awesome because they replaced it for free! but I won't get it for 5-7 days :( aaaaaaannd I couldn't get a loaner phone because I would have to return it to the same location. So I'm just phoneless until my new one gets here. Besides that Saturday was a lot of fun.
Six Feet Under table (I like that my sweater and his jean jacket are in our places)
Almost a cute picture of us minus Dave being blurry and Sam BBB in the back
 Then he joined us
beginning of Saturday
My buddy Robert T Wilson IV
I wish I got a picture of my whole dress. I picked it up on sale at Urban Outfitters right before we left. 

Sunday we all got up way too early so went to get breakfast. Everywhere either didn't have vegan options or had a line out the door. We got coffee and took pics in an alley instead.
Blouse-Fred Perry
Shoes-Urban Outfitters
Bag-Fred Perry
Sunglasses-Triple B Records
The rest of the day was going very well until a little more than half way through someone decided to drive a motorcycle into the venue during a band. It didn't go over so well. Security got involved then police got involved and after a lot of drama the rest of the fest was canceled. We had to hurry and pack up and get out as fast as possible while still trying to sell things to kids that were trying to buy things before leaving. We squeezed in the backseat of a packed car and headed to a house show for some of the remaining bands. We ended up not staying at the house show for long which also got shut down. 400 hundred kids in a backyard show in Oxnard CA go figure.
We ended up in LA staying with this guy
All and all we had a great time. We got in this morning and both went straight to work so I'm off to bed! Goodnight


  1. A friend of mine went to that! She posted pics of that house show. Sooo many people. Even on the roof top!

    New follower btw. Hi!
    The names Caitlin too.

  2. Hi! It was insane! I'm glad we left early though because one we couldn't have seen anything and two the neighborhood wasn't the best. People were breaking into cars and smashing windows

  3. aw im bummed about you being sick/phone situation.
    we have to hang out soon because i miss you a lot. was it super hot inside?

  4. no I was cold most the time! I still don't have my new phone :(

  5. Holy damn breaking into cars and smashing windows?! Thats insane! Here I was just sayin I hadn't been to a hardcore show in awhile.