Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I'm so insanely tired again and can not get over it. Tonight I'm making a schedule and sticking to it so I will have time to workout, shower, eat and then some down time before 11 or earlier if I can!

I haven't worn this dress since the winter and for some reason couldn't imagine it without tights and a sweater. I also tried pairing it with some old heels that I have had for years and I think only worn once that I can remember. I'm still iffy about them

Dress-Ben Sherman
Belt-Kohls(Gifted from Ash!)
Heels-I really don't even remember
Over the weekend we decided we NEEDED breakfast sandwiches. I looked up a couple recipes and found this one and went for it. 
 They turned out super yummy and exactly what I wanted. They also didn't take long to make at all!