Sunday, August 1, 2010


I have so many tshirts that I rarely wear. I have altered some of them but get too lazy to fix all of them. And then there are the ones that fit really good but are too short to wear with jeans.  I love when I have time to go through all my clothes and take time pairing things together. I have a hard time changing things up. #1 reason I love having this blog....It forces me to put outfits together I normally wouldn't think of. Plus lurking other blogs for inspiration ;)

shirt-youngblood records(got it free 2yrs ago and never worn)
shoes-buffalo exchange


  1. love this, perfect with the black skirt

  2. Aww you look adorable! I love having a blog for fashion and home design inspiration too!

  3. you look like a dream. lets hang this week

  4. OOh I love that shirt! I like how you put it together too!