Tuesday, August 24, 2010

NY food and tattoos

Bagels for the start of our trip
After meeting up with Meredith and Chris we headed to get Dave's jeans hemmed. We waited outside by this bike
And took silly pictures

Tights-Betsey Johnson
We walked around a lot, went to Century 21(no one bought anything) and ate lots of yummy vegan food from Red Bamboo. Then we headed to Flyrite for my appointment. I have a hard time explaining what I want and most the time I don't have pictures (which I actually did this time) but Marina is so great at knowing exactly what I want and how I want it.
Baby Narwhal and Jellyfish friends
more Jellyfish
Before heading home we went out to eat which was not a good experience but we did take more silly pictures
Meredith being scared and us in the reflection
Trying to do Senior portraits but I'm not sure what I'm doing

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