Thursday, August 26, 2010


We found the shoes Dave wanted and the pillow pet! Even though it wasn't the small pillow pet and she called us out but she was still happy with it. The shoes I wanted from the GAP I realized are leather so no shoes for me :( I don't know why I didn't think to look especially with them being so expensive.

We made tofu scramble the other day that came out pretty good. It would've been better if I didn't use so much cayenne pepper. The recipe called for paprika or chili powder which we didn't have. So I put in 1/4 of what it called for using cayenne pepper. Oh well, we will get paprika for next time. I put some Daiya cheese on top to offset the heat which worked a little even though it would've been better without if it wasn't so hot.
Dave made me a fake sausage heart :)
I got all dressed up and really liked my outfit but then the rain came and never stopped. So I ended up changing later.

Skirt-I think H&M
Heels-I'm not sure what brand but my mom got them for me at Macy's a couple years ago


  1. This outfit looks great on you!


  2. the red shirt is back in action!
    and i awwwed so much at the sausage hearts

  3. Remember I had to alter it?! It fits now yay

  4. cute outfit! i love your main image. followed! i hope you return the favor :)

  5. Sausage hearts? Love! This is such a great blog...welcome to IFB! You will love it tons. Hope you will drop in on my blog and say hello sometime :) Keep up the great posts!


  6. Thank you! I hope I can figure it out ha