Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ok I finally caught up on sleep(for the most part) and have some free time to try and write about this weekend.

Day one of the fest. It didn't start till 6ish I think but we had to get there early to get everything set up. Since it was a short day I dressed nice and Dave got a picture of me in his mother's backyard before we left.
Look at the pretty new fence in the back she just got!
My contacts were bothering me so bad. My eyes were so sensitive to the light and would start watering so bad to the point people thought I was crying. Once I was in the club the dim lights helped! We spent over 2 hours getting everything unpacked and set up.
 Dave attaching shirts to racks
Almost set up. Can you find me??
me and Lynn being blurry
Doors opened at 11 so we had to get there earlier to clean up the table and reorganize. It was like a bomb went off behind the table. We left soon after doors opened and went to get food at New Harmony.  We ate waaaaay too much then walked to starbucks. On the way back we heard a bluegrass band playing. We walked into the PA Dutch Festival. It was very small but so cool to find. They had all of the best looking animals that were so friendly. Of course we didn't bring the real camera to get food but I got a couple on my phone.
 These little guys were pulling this..
 On the way back I went to step over a puddle which ended up being slimey so I slipped ripping open the top of my foot. Also somehow something went into my big toenail and punctured it. I had slime dirt and blood all over my foot. Good thing a friend had stuff to put on it and I had bandaids. 
 kids looking at records and me sitting
 me and Dave. I didn't get a full pic of my outfit but it was just
a Fred Perry tank and SFU booty shorts Dave made for the fest.
in between bands
Same thing as Saturday got there early to not only reorganize SFU stuff but had to set up the table for Dave's band. We had no time to stop on the way or to leave until later in the day so we were starving. Then a girl from the table next to us got there with vegan biscuits and gravy! She said our friend was still there and to call her. We didn't even know this place existed in Philly! It is called MiLah
veg bacon sausage and cheese Omelet with sweet potato home fries and toast
Beer battered seitan with Belgian waffles and fruit salad (not pictured)
This food was so amazing and posting the pictures is making me hungry.  The rest of the day went very well except it got hotter inside than any of the other days. Weird because it was nicer out. There is a group of girls that I hangout with that we take a picture together every year. We all live in different places and I think are all only together this one time a year. It was hard getting a decent one due to lighting and finding a places. Here is an untouched one
and a cropped fixed one
Sorry for all the random pictures that not many people will even care about ha. But it was a fun weekend seeing such great bands including old bands that I either have never seen or haven't seen in years (yea there were bands playing too but I figured no one will care to hear about my opinions on them).


  1. you haircut is SO fantastic on you! i'm not sure i've ever told you that, but it is! :D

  2. Thanks! This is the longest I've ever had my hair the same color and cut. I'm getting bored with it! but I'm too lazy to change it

  3. oh my godddddddddd how much was that zara dress? it is literally the perfect dress i think i might need it but never wear it at the same place as you.

  4. I think it was $30ish? It's strapless but I wore one of those long and lean tanks from target under to dress it down a little :)

  5. i wear those tanks everyday haha. thats soooo cheap -dre