Wednesday, August 18, 2010

getting in shape

Does this happen to anyone else???
Before we left for Philly I had been working out every night and trying to eat decent. Of course while we were gone I ate awful and didn't workout once. We got home Monday and have been going out to eat and I still haven't been able to start working out again. It's always so hard to get back into it.
I have been able to get Dave to start running with me and the past 2 days he asked if we can go but I'm so exhausted! Maybe if I start doing little workouts at home and build up to it again. I like to use Exercise TV and HULU to find all different types of workouts. We were running 2 nights a week and in between I would find a video to do.
I just need to get motivated!!!


  1. This is my life story. In cali I gained a solid 5 pounds that wont go away (though I haven't been trying very hard, only made myself go to the gym once) i just walked on the eliptical at my parents house for 5 minutes and got too bored.ha Eating too much food and laying down is just so much more satisfying!


  2. im unsure how to work out recently

  3. I managed 20min tonight. Watching workouts on my computer and 1/2 watching TV helps distract me.
    I wish we all lived closer to at least do something active together once a week!

  4. Yep! I got rid of my car so I now have to walk everywhere, which helps, but I still need to cut out all of the junk food I'm eating

  5. Since I got back from TIH i have been DRAGGING. I feel like complete crap. I made myself go to the gym tues and weds but blew it off today. Dont feel bad about it, the crappy sleeping/eating cycle makes you sluggish. Try to do as much this week as you can and start a new routine next week.