Thursday, September 2, 2010

flowers and lace

This week has been so gross and hot. I wore the same shorts everyday with tank tops. This weekend it's going to cool down again yay!! Hopefully I can actually go back to trying to put myself together.
I'm going to backtrack now with the pictures of just me from the day before Dave left.
Belt-from a H&M dress
Shoes-Urban Outfitters
Bag-Vera Bradley
My sister and Mom were shopping one day. My sister found a bag saying it looked exactly like something I would have. My Mom didn't believe her since they were in Vera Bradley but when she saw it too she agreed and got it for me. I love it! It's tiny but perfect for a night out. I've used it a couple times now and only now got around to getting a picture with it. My family knows me pretty well!

I have a very busy weekend planned but I will be back Monday. Everyone have a great weekend!