Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'll love you forever

Dave left for tour this morning :( He will be gone a little over 3 weeks in Europe. Every time before he leaves we take a couple pictures of us. This time we did a little better than just taking them on my phone.

Belt-from a H&M dress
Shoes-Urban Outfitters
We are missing a piece to our tripod so we kept having to prop the camera up on rocks or on a wall. One of the times I was walking back to take the picture I almost fell off the wall! But Dave grabbed my arms. The camera went off right after it happened..

PS-Dave took the camera with him. I do have some saved up posts/pics to make including ones of just me from the day we took these. After that be expecting awesome Photo Booth and Blackberry pictures :)


  1. you two look so amazingly happy :) true love :)

  2. you guys just make me think love is possible sometimes. see ya later :)

  3. wow you are gorgeous! i just came across your blog through tattoo tuesdays over at sometimes sweet. i love it. new follower xXx

  4. these pictures are so beautiful and you can feel the love radiating.

    am adding you to my blogroll :)