Monday, September 27, 2010

nothing lasts forever

Saturday there was a reunion for a band that had broken up. They were playing an afternoon show and night show so we had plans to eat before and in between at awesome places we don't get to go to a lot.

 Tank/Shoes-Fred Perry

First stop was Deluxe Town Diner for vegan pancakes and soy sausages. They used to have a tofu scramble but not anymore which was probably a good thing seeing how full we were on just that.
We went to the first show and had a lot of fun. We got to see a lot of friends including meeting an internet friend.
Lynn Caitlin and Me
Then there was a 2 hour break between shows but really for us it was 4 hours since we only wanted to see the last 2 bands. We took our time and walked a lot then finally got on the train to Pulse CafeThe whole way there we planned out what we were going to get and split things since we ate so much for breakfast. As soon as we sat down we ordered "Buffalo" Tofu Bite, Pot Roasted Seitan and Mac n Cheese. 
We did split everything but way more than we had planned for. After eating way too much again we took the train half way and walked the rest back. 
The second show was even better even though it was way more packed. We got home pretty quickly and passed out right away. I can't stay up later anymore!

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