Sunday, September 26, 2010

Davis Farmland

We have gone to a couple farms around MA but I keep hearing about Davis Farmland. Friday we took Dorie. It by far was the best farm I have ever been to. We could have gone without any kids and still have fun.
It was about a hour drive for us but we went kind of a back way which was beautiful with all the leaves changing. It was hard to get a picture of it as we were driving but I tried
As soon as we walked in there were so many different animals roaming around or in cages you could go in and pet or feed. There were some that were set back with closed cages but there was no problem seeing them.

You can see Dorie "milking" the cow behind me

We wanted to steal this little guy!

Passed out with her new pumpkin
There was a paint your own face station as we walked in. They had little chairs in front of mirrors and face painting crayons. You can see her rainbow she made on her cheeks in some of the pictures.
There are so many other things to see/do that we didn't get to. There is a water park, apple picking, and a playground with a bouncy house. Oh and a maze that seems pretty serious. It says it takes anywhere from 45min to 3 hours!

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