Sunday, September 12, 2010

sugar kisses

It's finally cooling off here! We have had such great weather all weekend.
Necklace-DIY from AC MOORE
Shoes-Urban Outfitter

Saturday I went shopping all day with Lynn and Garvey. I picked up some really cute things including a new comforter (which we went on a serious hunt to find). I decided to redo our bedroom and once we get pictures up and everything together I will post pictures.

Today I was supposed to babysit at 9am so I was up early and starting to walk out the door when my phone went off. It was an email saying the little girl was sick and they would have to cancel. At first I was thinking yay back to bed! but instead I went for a run and then grocery shopping. I'm happy I wasn't lazy for once. Maybe I will get around to sewing this afternoon..

Sorry again for the photo booth pictures. Dave will be home next Monday!!!!!!


  1. hahaa when I saw it was a comment from you I was positive this was exactly what it was going to say. I still have it stuck in my head