Monday, September 13, 2010


Taking these awful pictures are killing me but I have to show off some stuff I got...
Knee Highs-Target

Minus the dress everything I bought on Saturday. The knee highs came in a pack of 6 for $9! I love them but thought with just one leg with tattoos it would look awkward. I think it might look ok? Also the shoes I found at payless but they didn't have my size. I asked if they had any in back and she looked them up and found them at the mall right down the street (which we were planning on going to next anyway). She also gave me a $3 coupon for having to go to another store. Oh and they were on sale on top of that!
I wore this Sunday but only went out grocery shopping so I wore it again today. Instead of knee highs and heels I wore it with legging and cowboy boots. I didn't get a picture this morning but I got them from the girls dept at Target.

Dave comes home in exactly a week!


  1. I love the sheep sweater and the boots! I really need to get to Target more often.

  2. yay cowboy boots! i wonder someday they will have piggy sweaters

  3. Pink Cowboy boots? Too awesome. Also, your sheep top is super fricken adorable :)