Wednesday, September 8, 2010

There were Southern accents on the radio as I drove home

Last weekend I took a quick trip to visit some of my family. I didn't have a lot of time there so I didn't get a chance to meet up with any friends. I didn't even get to see all of my family :(...Sorry Cincy people!
I haven't seen my 3 yr old niece since Thanksgiving so I was really excited to see how big she was and all the new things she could do. (She is the little girl I'm chasing in my header)
My brother and her came to get me from the airport. She was so excited and jumping but was so shy to talk. By the time we went out to eat she was telling me so many stories. I stayed with them and every morning I woke up to her yelling Caaaaiitlin. My Brother said after I left she asked if I was going to be there in the morning :(
We took her on a little shopping spree. I could shop forever with this kid. She wanted to try everything on. Here are her skinny jeans Nana ended up getting her.
I didn't get a good outfit picture of myself but here is one a little more close up of the shirt. I tried to ask Dave it looked alright by this picture ha
Shoes-Urban Outfitters
I didn't get to my parents until my last day. This trip was so rushed but it was nice seeing everyone.
My mom also pulled out pictures while I was there. I took pictures of some from my phone.

My Mom with my brother maybe 37 yrs ago?
 We had just moved to New Mexico from Boston. My brother went to a basketball camp and we were all out of place in our Celtics shirts. (L-R my sister, me, Michael Cooper, My brother)

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  1. i have that shirt from f21 too! i havent worn it yet though . great pictures!