Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Apple picking

Sometimes we get so busy on the weekends we never get to do fun things (things we don't normally get to do). We always talk about going to the flea market and apple picking and Sunday we finally did both.
We headed out to Todd Farm later than we wanted but figured it would be ok. By the time we got there people were already packing up their tables. It was pretty chilly and I heard a bunch of them saying they didn't make much money that day. It was still fun to look around at things. There is a barn full of things too so we were able to look around in there for awhile.

We ended up not getting anything. I did see a cute vintage clutch but I probably would never use it.
After that we headed to Russell Orchards for apple picking. We had taken Dorie there in the summer to see the animals. It was weird walking around the barn and looking at the animals without a child with us but we can look too right?

Then we took a hayride to the orchards

me whining to Dave that I have to go to the bathroom after he had just asked me before we started picking :(

You can almost see my outfit here
Dress-J Crew from Urban Renewal
Shoes/Bag-Fred Perry

We now have 10lbs of apples. I need to start baking!

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  1. I love apples. great bangs and hair, totally picture perfect as they say