Friday, October 15, 2010


Sunday morning we woke up again at 3am to be ready for the shuttle to the airport by 4am. We all sleeply met in the lobby and got in the shuttle. We ended up making it the airport super fast but I guess if we left any later we wouldn't have made it out of the city for hours because of the Chicago Marathon. Our flight to LA was at 9 and here we were by 5am waiting at the gate. There were a lot of food places opening but barely anything with vegan options. We opted for tea and oatmeal from Starbucks again.

When we finally got to LA we had to go pickup the rental car, pickup more posters for the show and then head to the hotel. Since we were the last of the group getting there we had to wait for a room. After waiting forever Dave had to go an interview. I sat in the lobby mostly alone people watching hoping to get into the room soon to sleep and shower. The interview ended up lasting over a hour and by the time Dave came back our room was still not ready. We were planning on not staying the night there anyway and leaving right after the show for San Diego so we were about to just go shower in someone elses room. Right as the elevator doors were closing I heard the man at the desk say your room is ready. We had a whole hour to shower and be in the room then had to head to the show.

The show was only a couple blocks up the street so we held off going as long as possible. We got there and set up the merch in this tiny box like hole in the wall.

If I looked out of the little window this was my view of the stage
Free SFU stickers!
It was a fun and busy show. The 2 pictures of me seating are probably the only times I wasn't digging through shirt piles. 


  1. jet setter! looks like you're having fun though! that dress is adorable :D

  2. the pictures above the bed are saucy