Monday, October 18, 2010

San Diego Zoo

Last Sunday after the show in LA we drove to San Diego. We wanted to be close so we could go to the zoo as soon as it opens. Monday morning we checked the free breakfast at the hotel guessing there wouldn't be anything we could eat but there was! There were bagels, jelly, oatmeal, potatoes and of course oj. We got to the zoo a little after it opened. It was super crowded being a holiday but we got through the line pretty fast.
Here are a million pics of cute animals
After the zoo a couple of different people had told us we have to go to Sunset Cliff. We left around 5:30 so it was perfect timing.
Then back to the hotel. Here was our view from the porch
The view from the front of the hotel
The trip was a lot of fun. It was nice getting to spend so much time together and just be laid back not worrying about work.
Sorry for so many pictures!


  1. you should have posted the other elephant picture!

  2. i love the pictures! sounds like a nice day

  3. .... is that a dog in there with a cheetah?!?

  4. Seconding the dog and cheetah comment, is that a dog with a death wish?!

    My favourite is the polar bear. :)

  5. I know! It was so weird but the board next to the cage said that they are best buddies