Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sample Sale

There was a Fred Perry sample sale in New York last week. Sunday was the last day so we decided to take a day trip and also go see a friends band that night. The sale ended up being awesome. We have gone to a couple of them but I guess the last day is the day to go. I got 2 dresses, 2 skirts, a shirt and a pair of shoes. After spending a couple hours doing that we went to eat at Curly's.  This place is super tiny but the food is insane. I really wish I had self control when it comes to eating. We each got a sandwich and spilt them plus a side of fake crabcakes. Even fake seafood grosses me out so bad but this was amazing. Boston really needs to step up their vegan restaurant game. New York, Philly and Chicago have us beat.
Before we went to the show I made Dave take some pictures of me. I was wiggling around a lot and people kept walking by so these are the best pictures we got
Cardigan-Fred Perry


  1. i love the color of this outfit! and curly's is so good! i had brunch there with mel (of idee geniale) when i lived in nyc! so yum!

  2. I was so torn between brunch or a sandwich!