Monday, November 1, 2010

Saturday morning we left for the veg food fest. We wanted to get there as early as possible so we skipped breakfast. I'm glad we did because I tried everything possible there and was full just off samples.
We walked through once trying things and squeezing through. Then we had to leave to go get cash and came back to get some yummy vegan stuff we can't find at stores.
Some people dressed up!
Shoes-Fred Perry
After getting tons of food we went to the container store!! I haven't been to one in years but I always tell Dave we need to find one. We were actually talking about going then forgot and decided to go to the mall. When we pulled into the mall there was the container store. It was very exciting. We got a couple of things mostly for his office but I wanted so much more. I want everything to have a home! 
We went to the mall after that and ran into Lynn! It was also a nice surprise. There were a million screaming little girls there to see Big Time Rush? I don't know what that is but they were excited and loud so we didn't stay long. But we did have some really awesome Indian food from the food court. If you are ever at the Natick Mall eat at Gourmet India.

We didn't get home till pretty late but went for a walk around Salem. We should've brought the camera it was wild. So many Marios this year! What was going on? We went back home warmed up and caught up on some shows we had missed over the week. 

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  1. There were like 4 Mario's at the party we went to Saturday night too, and we walked past 2 more. I feel like we all missed a memo.