Sunday, December 5, 2010

and the coastline is quiet

cardigan-old navy
tights-betsey johnson
On Saturday we only had one thing to do...get a tree. We went to one place and the selection wasn't good so we started driving around looking for more. We never found one because we just drove following the ocean for hours. I wish I took some pictures, we found so many pretty places, antique stores and even a castle! It is closed for the season but we are already planning on going back to check it out. 
Today we got a tree and already decorated it! Of course I haven't downloaded the pictures yet but tomorrow I will! AND I've been crocheting like crazy and hopefully I will remember to take pictures of everything before I give them away. 


  1. i love your lighter hair with all the outfits youve been posting!

  2. Just discovered your blog through the locatin central blog. I live pretty close to the boston area and we should totally put together a blogger meetup! :)

    xo Lynzy