Monday, December 6, 2010

perfect sugar cookies?

On Friday I made cookies with my little friend Dorie. They claim to be perfect cookies but our seemed to not come out right. Maybe because my helper was 3 and insisted on doing everything and I let her. Don't get me wrong they still tasted yummy but they didn't come out smooth looking like the picture for the recipe.
right after icing them

Later that night we made pizza which isn't anything new but we tried out Teese vegan cheese. We have had it before from a restaurant but never cooked with it ourselves. It melted super good and even the next day reheated perfect. We had leftover Daiya cheese and sprinkled some on top of it too.
We had leftover Teese, so on sunday I made tofu scramble and shredded some on top. It made the scramble even better!

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