Monday, December 27, 2010


We are home! It was an awful snowy drive to Salem from Ohio but Dave did it! We got home at 2am this morning but they hadn't touched our parking lot and all the emergency lots were full. We had to drive back to the highway and get a hotel in our own town! I was a little upset/hungry/tired/JUST WANTED TO BE HOME! But this morning I felt better and now I'm sitting in front of the fire with no plans to leave at least until Wednesday.
I have tons of pictures to post from our trip so I will break them up. Sorry in advance I know my family will want to see all of these.
One of the best parts of going home
To see all of the puppies I miss! Pudgy can be a brat and is so spoiled but he is now blind and can barely hear. He has to wear clothes because he is losing all of his hair. It is so sad seeing him now but he doesn't seemed bothered by any of it.
Shirt-Fred Perry
Skirt-Thrifted (Savers)
Boots-Alternative Outfitters
My mom had these glasses you put on and it turns the lights into stars or snowmen. Dave held one to the lens and took a picture. If you see the lights on the wreath they are little snowmen!


  1. my mom used to have those glasses a few years ago i think

  2. It looked like a magical xmas! Beautiful pics!