Sunday, January 9, 2011


Friday night Dave picked me up from work because I was so achy and sick feeling. I came home and got right in bed. He had made me some sleepy time tea and when he came back upstairs I was already half asleep
see my awesome roots??
By Saturday morning I was feeling a lot better. We hung out around the house till late afternoon then headed to Boston so Dave could find some boots and jeans he wanted. We also made a stop at JoAnn fabrics and I got some really pretty yarn to start a blanket. Oh and 2 new hooks because I broke some.
Dress-Urban Outfitters
It was snowing off and on all day. Of course when we were almost home it started snowing pretty bad and the road got really bad quick. A car cut Dave off and slammed on their brakes so he tried to slow down and we slid. The car behind us couldn't slow down fast enough and hit us. Everyone was fine but Dave's bumper is messed up and he can't open his trunk (which is awful because he is always having tons of boxes to mail).
Today he had to go to New Jersey for band practice. He is going to Japan very soon on tour to play bass for another band (not Blacklisted). I'm so nervous after last night about him traveling but he will be back later tonight.


  1. I'm weird and sometimes think a bit of dark roots with really blonde hair looks good. I also love dark eyebrows with blonde hair.
    I hope you're feeling better and glad everyone's ok. Winter is scary.

  2. I always think it looks good on everyone but me. I'm feeling sooo much better thank you!

  3. so me and garvey are stealing you when dave goes away

  4. Eeek, sorry about the accident. People are always driving like idiots in the snow...

    You look just lovely. I love that sweater and wish I had one like it to cozy around in. : )

  5. I love it too! sometimes I just wear it around the house