Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Miss Violet Lace

When I first started trying to lighten my hair I wasn't too worried about it looking awful or breaking. I have done so much to my hair and never had any problem with it getting damaged. Then everything went horrible and I couldn't stand it. But I couldn't do anything about it because it was falling out and breaking.
Right around then Kaelah got this beautiful pink wig she found on Etsy. I kept looking at Miss Violet Lace going back and forth on if it would be worth it. With it getting closer to Christmas and knowing there was no way I could get anything done to my hair without damaging it even more I ordered the Angel Pale Blonde
The first time putting it on and trying to figure out how to wear it was probably pretty funny. I finally got it decent looking and sent a pic to Kaelah asking her tips and what she thought. (Thanks again Kaelah!) I didn't want to tell anyone just yet I had got it and I needed a girls opinion.
The next day I wore it to work. Even though it didn't move and was perfect like it should be I didn't feel right. Dorie just kept telling me how good my hair smelled. (Note to self, I need to order some wig perfume from Miss Violet Lace!) That night we went to a show. I was having so much anxiety that everyone knew I was wearing a wig. But guess what.. even my closest friends I see all the time had no idea. I finally told Lynn and she didn't believe me. So I finally felt confident wearing it. I have been wearing it pretty much everyday for over 2 weeks and loving it.
I had a couple questions I had for Krista of Miss Violet Lace since I am completely clueless on caring for a wig so here they are...

Is it normal for the wig to shed?
It's normal for the wig to shed a bit, there's plenty of hair in the wig; through repeated wear and combing it's completely normal for some hair to come out.
I got mascara in my wig...how should I wash it out?
You can wash your wig with synthetic wig shampoo. Revlon makes it, and it can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply for about $8 USD online or in-store. Instructions for use are on the back of the bottle.
My wig came curled already. Do I just recurl it like normal hair?
Your wig cannot be curled/straightened, as it was not made using curl/straightenable fiber. The style is pretty much 'set' into the fiber already, so if you wash it, it should bounce back. If you want more curl, you can always dip the fiber into water, wrap wooden dowels around the fiber and secure and leave overnight, it will leave you with beautiful, loose curls.
Should I only use a comb to brush it?
A wide tooth comb would be best for brushing your wig, anything with the teeth of the comb too close together might cause the curl to fall.

Thanks Krista! Everyone check out the Miss Violet Lace shop on Etsy. I keep looking and thinking about getting another one!


  1. i look at them all the time thinking if i should get one! i love yours

  2. I'm so tempted to get one too. I have baby fine hair and it makes it impossible to have hairstyles I want. You rock it well!

  3. Do it! I can never do my hair pretty. I try really hard but it never does what I want. It's so easy just to throw on the wig and be done!

  4. This wig looks great on you! I have been wearing wigs for about five years because of a medical condition. I know how it feels to be self conscious about them, but you shouldn't feel that way at all. This is a really, really cool wig! I didn't know you could get wigs on Etsy. Thanks for the info!

    <3 Ashley