Monday, January 3, 2011

trash flowers

I go back to work tomorrow and I have been crafting/cleaning all day! Even though I have loved having so much free time, I do miss Dorie.
She was over NYE and was hilarious like always. We watched Despicable Me, colored and drank hot chocolate. New years day we went for a walk to see "the pirate ship". On the way Dave found an arrangement of huge flowers (in the trash) and gave one to her.
She carried it everywhere and snuggled with it on the ride home.

I hope to get pictures of all the crafting I've been doing to post about soon! I need a model for some of the crochet stuff and I don't think Dave will cut it...even though I know he would be willing to :)


  1. Such a cute photo, and if I had flowers that pretty and big I'd snuggle with them too. Awesome.

  2. ill be your model!
    i need to come over and play buckhunter too

  3. so sweet! and so jealous of all that lovely snow! xo