Friday, January 21, 2011

vegan biscuits and gravy

Today is a snow day! This morning I was going to make cinnamon rolls then remembered a recipe I saw for biscuits and gravy on Vegan Panadamonium. Dave had never had them before and had no idea what to expect.
In her recipe she had found a package of biscuits that happened to be vegan. With it snowing horrible outside and not wanting to leave, I tried to find a quick and easy recipe for biscuits. I found one in the Chicago Diner Cookbook. The only thing is I could only find a star cookie cutter so they were cute biscuits.
They came out super good! It was the perfect filling warm breakfast we needed!

This weekend is going to be pretty quiet and laid back. Dave leaves for Japan on Sunday for tour. I can't really complain he hasn't been on tour in a long time but I will still miss him so much!

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  1. those look so awesome. at least next weekend ill kidnap you!