Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I heart sales

I wish it would warm up around here just even a little bit! This morning the wind was so harsh and cold I couldn't catch my breath.
 These pictures are from Sunday. Monday we were supposed to go to NY to get tattoos but it started to snow and looked like it was going to be worse in CT and NY. Our car doesn't like the snow very much so we cancelled. I was bummed so instead of going out at all I stayed home painting and crocheting.
This dress is one of my big Zara scores. I had wanted it for so long but I think the original price was over $60. It was on sale for $15! I was so happy that day.
cardigan-old navy


  1. i love the dress! and i need to make a tattoo appt soon gah!

  2. that dress is really cute. I wish it would warm up here already, i'm sick of wearing a winter jacket.