Sunday, February 20, 2011

morning hour dress

Swans that were not happy.
Got a couple pictures in and the battery died on the camera. 
hiding behind a house from the wind
cardigan-fred perry
dress-c/o modcloth
As soon as I got this dress and put it on I realized something amazing....the zipper in the back is big enough to grab ahold of myself. Usually I'm twisting around wildly trying to zip it up. There are dresses I can't even think about wearing unless Dave is home to help me zip them up. 
I was worried about getting a small because with higher cut dresses sometimes there isn't enough room in the chest, especially with the pintuck bodice.  I thought it would pull and just look like I'm busting out  but it fit perfect.  Also I love having pockets in any dress!  The only down side I have found is with the zipper rubbing against my spine when I'm sitting.  Next time I wear it I will make sure to wear an undershirt and that should fix the problem!


  1. i LOVE this dress. its so casual and cute, but you can dress up a potato sack if needed.

  2. amazing dress!

    the shoes were from target :)

  3. I didn't see those there the other day! I will have to look again

  4. you look so great i that dress and love it with the cardigan too! i LOVE when i can zip myself up in a dress without needing the help from my mister! yay for big zippers!