Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Orbit City

I just realized I only have a four day work week this week! Then we are off to VA. Too bad I looked up the weather this morning for there and it is going to be raining like I had thought. Oh well it will still be a nice little break. 
Last night my parents figured out how to use Skype. It was so funny. My mom said she felt like Judy Jetson. They couldn't figure out how to unmute so they called me. At one point my mom left the room with the phone talking to me and the computer still on my dad. He had me crying from laughing so hard because he was making funny faces. I have been looking up airline tickets to go see them soon but they are so expensive!! I feel like they will never be reasonable enough to go. Maybe some crazy deal will come up soon. 
dress-americanapparel skirt/shoes-forever21 belt-thrifted tights-betseyjohnson


  1. adorable


  2. is dave still not back?! youre taking your own pics. and i love the outfit

  3. Oh, cute skirt. Very nautical - I like!

  4. Nice outfit, that skirt is lovely.