Friday, April 22, 2011

Iceland part1

This trip I decided to not worry about makeup or clothes and just bring the basics. So please excuse me looking a mess in all the pictures. The best 2 things I brought with me were my rain boots and water bottle. The cold tap water there is the cleanest water in the world. It comes straight out of the ground. Whenever we stopped I could just fill up.
waiting in the airport for the bus to the blue lagoon
On the flight over I started to feel sick and it lasted most the trip. It was easy to push through it though with all the beautiful scenery.
I didn't sleep on the plane (I never can) and with not feeling good, I was miserable waiting for the blue lagoon to open.
We did bring an underwater camera that we used so all the pictures of us actually in the lagoon but it will have to wait until we aren't lazy and get them developed. As soon as I got in the water I felt instantly better. We spent about 2 hours then I started getting hungry and my tiredness was hitting.
We got to the hotel in Reykjavik and slept a couple of hours before heading out to walk around a little and get some noodles.

We stayed in Reykjavik for 3 nights. I have a ton of pictures from each day and it is too hard to narrow them down. I will try to put all of the 3 days from Reykjavik together for tomorrow and then a post for the rest of the days we were there. I don't want to spread them out too much or have an overload of pictures.

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  1. was it cold in iceland??? all i can think of is the mighty ducks and i assume everyone is like that (even though i know someone from iceland). post a ton of pictures!