Saturday, April 23, 2011

Iceland part2

Here are the 3 days we spent in Reykjavik.
They eat puffin and whale there :(
church of Hallgrímur
Inside the church
Top of the church
while we were walking down the street a huge group of kids dressed in traditional Icelandic clothes passed us. Dave took this picture and a group of them ran over to us and took their picture with us. They told us it is something they do every year and go to a field to dance. We wanted to follow them but ended up losing them somehow. 
Of course there were viking shops
a cute little house
outside the maritime museum 
The next day we kept seeing kids in costumes. We found a huge group dancing in this park.
at the maritime museum
Dave being gross
 weird picture in the museum
weird display about a fishing company
inside a fishing boat

The next day we started our drive 

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